LOGO with AMF letters and pumpkin  
 HI YOU WONDERFUL SONIC BEING! Thank you for wanting to be a part of this event and to fulfill this vision! There were some times when I didn't think we'd be able to fill it but we DID! AND THAT IS ALL THANKS TO YOU!!! I can't wait to see what you do with this! 
As always there are no rules. The only things that matter are AMBIANCE, VYBES, and SPOOKINESS. Take that and do what you want with it!
The line up can be found here
Google Drive with all the social media files here
  • Please use the LOGO image as the overlay for your stream. You can place it wherever you want it to be and at whatever scale you'd like!
  • Also please include "AMBIANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL Pt. 2 SPOOKY EDITION" in the title of your stream.
  • Here is the website for you to share with your friends and for you to create a command for the festival, you can have it say whatever you want just make sure you include the link to the website so people can find all the info. Please include the command in your stream title (something like !AMF seems to be working well but feel free to do whatever you want)
  • there is a .TXT file that is included in the Google Drive, this was created by the AMAZING JEDI-NITEMARE who coded a command that allows you to pull the date and time of anyone's performance from a database. So if someone shows up to your stream you can tag them !ztrain @username and it will show the chat when that person is going live for the fest, along with link, so YOU don't have to go through the schedule! Also if you don't feel like adding an !AMF command you can use !ztrain info to get a nicely worded, pre-packaged info link to share! The .TXT file has instructions for how to add the command to StreamElements, StreamLabs AND Nightbot cuz HE'S THAT GOOD! If you have the command added to your bot from the last festival there's no need to add anything to it, it will work just the same as it did before! The command requires a modifier afterward for it to work so make sure you add any of these options afterwards: username, mon, tues, wed..., info. Example: !ztrain @username, or !ztrain info


  • Last thing! We are having a pumpkin carving contest thought of by the AMAZING GYPSYMOONLIGHT! Carve a pumpkin and post it in the #PUMPKINS🎃 Discord channel by Oct. 31st by 8 PM EDT, the winner will be chosen by emoji vote in the channel! (ALL RULES POSTED IN THE CHANNEL) It would be dope if you wanna display the pumpkin for your AMF set but that's just extra credit ;) $50 GIFT CARD TO GOES TO THE WINNER!!!


  • Please upload your VOD afterwards so we can add it to the list of VODs so people can watch it afterwards! (no pressure if you don't like to do that)