image with all artists names and date and the title of the festival: UNDER THE COVERS

Thank you for participating! I am beyond thrilled to think that any of you would want to celebrate this with me. If you are here, know that you HAVE INSPIRED ME.
The line up can be found here
Google Drive with all the social media files here
  • Please use the LOGO image as the overlay for your stream. You can place it wherever you want it to be and at whatever scale you'd like!
  • Also please include "Under the Covers" in the title of your stream.
  • Here is the website for you to share with your friends and for you to create a command for the festival, you can have it say whatever you want just make sure you include the link to the website so people can find all the info. Please include the command in your stream title (something like !UTC seems to be working well but feel free to do whatever you want)
  • There is another command you can add on to your chat bot that will pull the schedule for each artist. There is a .TXT file in the GDrive with all the commands for each type of bot for you to copy and paste into your chat (StreamElements, Nightbot, StreamLabs) and then you just use "!ztrain username" and it will tag the person with their set time so you don't have to look at the GDrive while streaming whenever you shout them out in your stream! If you don't want to add your own command with the link using "!ztrain info" will pull up the link to the website. [Huge shout out to JEDI_NITEMARE for creating this for us]