simple guided meditation to get started

As promised, this is the first of many in a series of guided meditations. We love meditation and we know that if it has done so much for us, then it will definitely do great things for you too!

The benefits of meditation are huge, in fact there are so many we will be writing a blog post entirely devoted to that, so stay tuned. But just to begin meditation helps to:

  • regulate blood pressure
  • reduce tension in the body
  • re-align the energetic centers of the body
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • oxygenate the blood
  • reduce the parasympathetic nervous system response
  • connect you to a deeper part of who you are.

We can honestly go forever. With an ever expanding field of research deeply exploring the benefits of meditation; plus thousands of years of yogis carrying out their own exploration the proof is in the pudding. And we love pudding. 

Meditation doesn't have to be difficult. In fact it is as accessible to you as breathing is. If you are breathing and you are paying attention to your breath then you are meditating and practicing yoga! Simple as that! Check out our blog posts here and here to see how to get started with yoga and meditation and to see how simple it can be to connect to your self. And honestly, that is where we think the majority of the benefits and perks of a meditation can be found. It is definitely great for the body, but above all, it is great for the mind and Spirit. 

Our great friend and brand ambassador @xrastacostax did this guided meditation for us. They are a huge inspiration as to what a daily meditation practice can do and the benefits it brings with it. Shannon has been practicing meditation since late 2016 and their life is a huge testament to what can be accomplished through yoga and meditation. We hope you enjoy this guided meditation and that it may bring as many blessings to you as it has to us. 


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